Located in the Rocky Mountain Front Range, our facilities are well equipped to meet your study needs. We offer an environmentally controlled, 22,000 square foot vivarium with surgery suites and a necropsy lab, in addition to a ranch facility for long-term indoor/outdoor large animal housing.

Our focus on superior service, advanced animal care, and ongoing commitment to excellence ensure your studies’ success.

We provide GLP and Non-GLP preclinical testing for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Situated alongside the magnificent Rocky Mountains, just a 75-minute drive from Denver International Airport, our advanced facility houses specialized equipment that provides sophisticated analysis and enables animal models to address your specific needs. Our secondary ranch facility  is an ideal space for long-term housing of large animals.

  • OEC 9900 Digital Fluoroscopy is used for angiography, minimally invasive needle or electrode placement, contrast studies – such as barium GI series or spine studies, – or for creating digital images for surgical device implants.
  • Extensive surgery suites allow up to 7 surgeries at once.
  • We use the latest in veterinary anesthesia and intra-operative physiologic monitoring.
  • Endoscopy and arthroscopic surgical equipment are available.
  • Our electrosurgery and vessel sealing equipment is state of the art.
  • We have orthopedic research diagnostic capabilities, including the Tekscan pressure-sensitive mat for gait analysis.
  • Surgeon training labs have both lecture and operating rooms and can be focused on use of live anesthetized animals or human cadavers.

To maintain regulatory compliance, PreClinical Research Services, Inc.’s Quality Assurance Unit:

  • Conducts critical phase audits of GLP studies
  • Evaluates internal processes
  • Evaluates facility operations
  • Ensures SOP and quality system personnel training
  • Has a RQAP-GLP certified member

Designed to support product development for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, PreClinical Research Services, Inc. offers the following credentials below: